I have two children who attended New Century School for their elementary school years. They are both excelling academically and socially and are on the Honors List every semester. New Century School has prepared my children for middle and high school by teaching them how to think through and process things step by step both independently and by working in groups. The students are involved in hands-on learning and participate in projects that enable them to work to their greatest potential. The teachers are excited about what they are teaching and engage the students in a way that makes learning fun. New Century School provides an outstanding education, creates life long learners, and fully prepares its students to excel in their futures from middle school to high school and beyond." ~Tammy Stump

— Tammy Stump - NCS Secretary and parent of NCS alumni

When our daughter Audrey was getting ready to go into First Grade we had a decision to make. Because we didn’t feel that our neighborhood school in the Madison School District was the right fit for her, our choices were to enroll her in private school, move into a different school district…or apply for open enrollment and hope that it worked out. We researched different school districts and schools and decided that New Century School was the best fit for Audrey. So, we applied to VASD and requested New Century School and then waited and hoped for good news. Well, it worked out – we got the acceptance letter into VASD and a while later an invitation for Audrey to attend New Century School. Needless to say, we were thrilled…and that feeling has continued now that she is well into her fifth year at NCS. We love the warm atmosphere that NCS has, where the older children know the younger ones by name and look out for them and mentor them; where little siblings, not yet of school age, can often be seen at school with parents or at school events and are already made to feel like they are part of the school and as such once they start kindergarten they are already familiar with the school, the teachers and their peers; where there are just six classrooms and the teachers and staff know all the kids by name; and where the greater school community is very close-knit and connected. Parent involvement in all aspects of the school is welcomed and encouraged and parents can feel certain that they can contribute to their child’s school experience in ways that aren’t necessarily possible at other schools. The hands-on nature of NCS’s teaching style and the Environmental Integrated Curriculum were big draws for us, as Audrey learns much better with an applied approach to education. We are also happy that Audrey is excited about school and eager to learn, which we credit a great deal to the fact that a lot of the learning is guided by student questioning...a simple raise of the hand by one child can steer the lesson plan in a whole new and exciting direction, which is something I see the students get really excited about and value. The staff at New Century School is also a major factor in NCS’s success – they are extremely dedicated to their students and to the families of their students. The teachers really seem to be inspired by their students’ natural curiosities and excited to build on those curiosities to create life-long learners. Thankfully VASD has the vision and commitment to offering families choices for our children’s education and particularly for supporting the development and continuing implementation of the Environmental Curriculum and New Century School and our “Green” Charter…what an opportunity for our children!

— Beth and Scot Junge, Parents of NCS 5th Grader

We have been a New Century Family over the past 10 years and will continue to be for the next 6 years! (That’s what happens when you have your children so spread out in age!). Over that time, through the many changes of the schools environment, curriculum, charter renewal, etc., one thing has always remained consistent and that is the teachers! The teachers of New Century are the most committed group I have ever seen! They truly care about your child’s learning experience and communicate with parents very effectively. I can’t say enough about New Century and its staff and I am very thankful that my children have and will continue to have a high quality education!

— Jenifer Cribben, Parent of NCS student

For years we had applied for Open Enrollment at the VASD, finally our children got accepted and assigned to attend New Century Charter School for the 2010-2011 school year. My daughter was a 5th grader, my son a 2nd grader. The transition was very easy, friends were made quickly, teachers and principal made us feel welcome and at home. We liked the smaller setting and small mixed-age classes. NCS was particularly beneficial for my son. He was "getting lost " among a much larger class size at his former school. He needed the extra- attention he got a NCS. We had a very good experience!

— Adriana S. Kleinsek, Parent of NCS alumni

For me, the single biggest advantage at New Century School is the multiage classrooms. Just because 30 kids happen to be the same age doesn’t mean they’re all at the same level of reading, math, etc, and it’s extremely beneficial to be able to split the kids into groups more tailored to their needs, as opposed to overwhelming them with something they’re not ready for or boring them to tears with something they’ve already mastered. As an added bonus, as the kids advance through the grades, every time they move up to a new class they’re guaranteed to have someone they know that’s a grade ahead of them already in the new class, which can make the change a lot less scary.

— Eric Schwent, Parent of NCS alumni

When my oldest son was about to enter kindergarten, Verona School District was offering a new option--the 1-year old New Century Charter School was adding its first kindergarten class. We did not know about charter schools, so after investigation, found out the school was parent-governed under district rules and administration, the curriculum asked for parent input and involvement, emphasis was on math and science. Our son thrived in the caring, supportive atmosphere in the multi-age classrooms and interactive learning style NCS is famous for. Joe is now in his 20s, fast friends with buddies he made that 1st year at New Century, and in college, still learning! Our other children followed him 5 years later they both loved New Century, love learning and are excited for the years beyond.

— Jerri Ustby-Cruz Bye, Parent of NCS alumni

What first attracted us to New Century was a combination of the smaller size school, multi-level classrooms and the environmental focus. Like any other parents, we had questions about whether this would be the right fit for our daughter and eventually our other kids, but we thought there were a lot of positives about New Century so why not give it a try. We’re definitely glad we did, and those questions we had about it being the right fit were quickly answered. She has thrived in the intimate setting that New Century offers. During our kindergarten orientation, the New Century Director said the school is like a family and that’s absolutely right. The older students take the younger kids under their wings and are happy to help them out. Everybody knows everybody, there’s a real sense of familiarity. The multi-level classrooms and having the same teacher for two years in a row is a big part of that. When kids are comfortable they’re not afraid to ask questions or ask for help, and they challenge themselves in the classroom to do what their friends are doing. The environmentally integrated curriculum has been great and the way the teachers are able to weave that material into the core subjects and related arts is impressive. “Mom and dad, do you know Monet? I really like his lily pads painting.” Mom and dad were a lot older than six the first time they heard about Monet. It’s always fun to see your child excited about learning, but it’s pretty cool when you see their teachers just as excited to be coming up with new ideas and material to use when teaching them. The teachers, staff and administration at New Century are all topnotch and a real asset to the entire Verona School District.

— Karen and Steve Schultz, Parents of fourth and first graders